About Us

About Us

We are Moringa Games, a cooperative game developer based in Inverness, Scotland. We are directors, modelers, programmers and writers working together to develop games and apps for mobile devices and desktop applications. Our work ethos is equality and democratic decision making for all members of the Moringa Games cooperative.

Collectively we have 15+ years of experience in industry, and have released more than 40 games. Our management approach in all projects is built on empowerment, equality and shared responsibilty. We strive to make light, addictive and enoyable games for all occasions. We welcome community input and feedback. Feel free to drop us a line on our forums, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Our Team:

Liam McDonald: Art Director

Liam McDonald, one of the founding members of Moringa Games, always had in mind that team members should be treated equally and fairly in a company, hence the creation of one of UK’s first video games companies geared towards a cooperative structure.

Having gained a degree in Computer Arts at Abertay University and having worked for BBC Prototype Glasgow, Hunted Cow Studios and HexWar Ltd Games, he’s always been passionate about technology and  is always on the lookout to enhance a player’s experience in video gaming.

These days you can find him working on several projects on Moringa Games, cycling around the north of Scotland or tending to his garden at home.

Dr. Julie Ann McDonald: Chief Operating Officer

Dr Julie McDonald, another founding member of Moringa Games, works behind the scenes helping to keep the machinery of Moringa Games running smoothly. Having a passion for cooperative movements both in Scotland and abroad, she is enthusiastic to be a support for the values of equality and cooperation that Moringa Games embraces.
Julie has gained experience working across several sectors in a long career trajectory which includes education and technologies in education. Behind the scenes she can also be found travelling and studying other cultures whilst undertaking voluntary work along the way. In her spare time you will typically find her working alongside others to help to provide sustainable growing methods for food and the environment.

David Wilson: Marketing Manager

A businessman and Entrepreneur with roots in Canada, David lends his marketng strategies and expertise in web development to see Moringa succeed. A graduate of the Small business and Entrepreneurship program of Algonquin College, and a member of the Board of Directors for the Student’s Association of the same school, David has since found his niche in brand development and marketing for a variety of sectors including Real Estate and Game Development.

Joseph Cacciotti: Communications Officer

A bilingual Journalist, Editor, Communications and Social Media Specialist Joseph is a mentor and facilitator, with strong communication skills. A Journalism Graduate of Algonquin College, he enjoys interacting with teams and individuals at all levels. Committed to attaining a high level of quality output and customer / client satisfaction.

Working in game development has given me a chance to empower others in the industry and encourage strong talent in a field where constant improvement and dedication is the foundation for success. Here at Moringa I revise all internal and external communications, assist the creation of Game Design Documents and general planning in the revision of our current library and the ceation of future titles.