Reach For The Sky

Jump into the action today and conquer the most difficult challenges yet presented by Moringa games. From the dark bowels of the inner planet to the surreal outer skies and vast space, Ex17, our fearless adventurer, set out in search of mysterious planets looking for adventure.
Jump, climb, shove, and force your way through the dark winding paths of the planet’s vast underground as you reach ever higher for freedom.


The free shape matching game! Flick the center shape onto the corresponding ones. Simple? Only problem is that the various random shapes are moving and getting faster with every successful match. Pay attention to the speedy shapes and recognize which one belongs to the correct one. So generally a hit is a bitter sweet triumph. And when you miss a shape you lose a life. The longer you survive the harder it becomes! Keep those scores going up and build your trophy collection.

Bob’s Treasure Hunt

Bob is in a dangerous situation. He is stranded on a treasure island and is forced into a deadly hunt games where he must collect the hidden treasure in each maze. The evil villain has created pits that Bob must avoid and spheres of burning doom which move with various speed. Make a wrong move and Bob is toast! You need to guide him to collect the treasure and then to find the exit door while avoiding the danger. Remember that Bob MUST collect the treasure before walking out or the exit door will not work for our poor guy. Bob is given three lives by the Master villain. Do you have what it takes to guide Bob out of the dangerous situation in this treasure island?

Bob’s Nightmare

Bob has nightmares about falling see how long you can survive before waking up.

Keep Bob from hitting obstacles as he falls during his nightmare. The longer you survive the higher your score and the more trophies you unlock.

Hollow Earth

Scientists have discovered a hole in the earth and being scientists they want to know what’s in that hole. They inform the Governments of the world who in turn inform their militaries. After much discussion they all agree that it is a big hole and looks deep, dark and kind of scary. They come to one conclusion.
Send in EX17.